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Notarial services and legalization

Finnish foreign missions may provide certain public notary actions, such as:

  • Attestation of signature
  • Certification of a copy from an original document
  • Certificate of life
  • Legalization

Please book an appointment for notarial acts and legalization services by email

Legalization of a document

In order for a foreign document issued by a foreign authority to obtain its intended legal effect in Finland, the document must be legalized.

The Embassy of Finland in Dar es Salaam legalizes documents issued in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which are to be presented to the authorities in Finland. The documents include for example certificates of no impediment, marriage certificates and birth certificates. Through legalization the Embassy authenticates the signature and stamp of the ministry for foreign affairs of the document's issuing country.

The Embassy can only legalize original documents. In case the original document is not issued in Finnish, Swedish or English the original document should to be translated into one of the aforementioned languages. The translation should be attached to the original document. The original document as well as the translation will be legalized.

In Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo the original documents are often handwritten, for example marriage certificate, Acte de Mariage. The Embassy can only legalize the handwritten, original documents, not typed copies of them, for example Copie Integrale d´Acte de Mariage. Thus, the translation of the document into Finnish, Swedish or English should to be attached to the original, handwritten document.

How do I get my document issued in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi or the Democratic Republic of Congo legalized in order for it to be presented to the authorities in Finland?

  • Translate the original document into Finnish, Swedish or English if it has not been issued in one of the aforementioned languages. The translation should be attached to the original document.
  • Legalize the original document and its translation in the ministry for foreign affairs of the country of issuance. Please note that according to the national laws of the issuing country in question, the document may first need to be stamped for example by the justice ministry before legalization in the ministry for foreign affairs can be processed.
  • Send a scanned copy of the original, legalized documents and its translations to the Embassy of Finland by email: The Embassy will confirm by email whether the document can be legalized or not.

Please do not bring or send by post any documents to the Embassy before the Embassy has confirmed that the document in question can be legalized.

  • The service fee for a legalization of a document is 30 euro per document. The service fee in Tanzanian shillings is subject to change in accordance with the monthly exchange rate changes. You can find more information from the Service fees- section.

Please note that the service fee should not be paid before the Embassy has confirmed that the document in question can be legalized.

  • Bring or send the original, legalized document along with the attached translation to the Embassy for legalization. The Embassy recommends using a commercial courier service for sending documents as the operation of the local postal service is not always reliable. The address details of the Embassy can be found from the Contacts- section. Passport copies of the concerned parties mentioned in the document as well as the original payment receipt should be sent or brought to the Embassy together with the original, legalized document and its translation.
  • After the legalization the document can be picked up from the Embassy in person or by a commercial courier. The Embassy can also forward the documents as official post to an address in Finland given by the customer.
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Updated 1/10/2018

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